Transfer car, Sarcelle generating station

CI Chariot-de-tranfert

Toshiba boring machine

CI Aleseuse2

Industrial meeting

CLB Reunion Smartborad

Pipe welding

CLB Soudure

Spillway, Rupert diversion

CI evacuateur de crue

210t Overhead crane: Sarcelle generating station

CI Pont roulant de centrale

Spiral staircases, Industrial pipe fitting

CLB Colimacon

Undercarriage; Arcelor Mital

CLB Train de chenille

Pump box, industrial boiler works

CLS Fabrication de pump box

Cyclone installation, industrial Boiler making

CLS Installation cyclone

Installation of a thickener, Industrial boiler works

CLSMontage et installation d un epaississeur et de tours d eau

Available positions at the Canmec Group

Interested in a career in the industrial domain? Listed below are the positions to be filled for the CANMEC Group. The number in parenthesis represents the number of positions posted in the type of position offered. (e.g. Employment for welders, machinists, engineers, etc.)

* If there is no job openings for a position that you are seeking in the division of your choice, you can send us your resume with this general application form.