Transfer car, Sarcelle generating station

CI Chariot-de-tranfert

Toshiba boring machine

CI Aleseuse2

Industrial meeting

CLB Reunion Smartborad

Pipe welding

CLB Soudure

Spillway, Rupert diversion

CI evacuateur de crue

210t Overhead crane: Sarcelle generating station

CI Pont roulant de centrale

Spiral staircases, Industrial pipe fitting

CLB Colimacon

Undercarriage; Arcelor Mital

CLB Train de chenille

Pump box, industrial boiler works

CLS Fabrication de pump box

Cyclone installation, industrial Boiler making

CLS Installation cyclone

Installation of a thickener, Industrial boiler works

CLSMontage et installation d un epaississeur et de tours d eau

Working at Canmec

A company that focuses on the human dimension.

“The strength of our company lies in the creativity and innovation of our employees. "

Rémi Roy
President of the CANMEC Group

When you work at Canmec, you'll be part of a large company and interact with affiliate companies that focus on the human dimension, where health and worker safety are at the heart of all operations.

When you work at Canmec, you'll participate in important projects on local, national and even global levels. Our teams possess diverse competencies that continually help the Canmec Group to consolidate their reputation and expertise in the industry.

Interested in joining our team? Refer to our career possibilities and send your candidatur without delay. We have many opportunities in employment for welders, machinists and engineers on a regular basis.

Career choices:

  • Administrative positions
  • Project manager
  • Quality assurance inspector
  • Engineer (mechanical and industrial)
  • Production supervisor
  • Welder
  • Machinist
  • Industrial draftsperson
  • Health and safety advisor
  • Many other career possibilities.

Workshop welder
Drafting design
Design review
Workshop welder
Workshop welder