Transfer car, Sarcelle generating station

CI Chariot-de-tranfert

Toshiba boring machine

CI Aleseuse2

Industrial meeting

CLB Reunion Smartborad

Pipe welding

CLB Soudure

Spillway, Rupert diversion

CI evacuateur de crue

210t Overhead crane: Sarcelle generating station

CI Pont roulant de centrale

Spiral staircases, Industrial pipe fitting

CLB Colimacon

Undercarriage; Arcelor Mital

CLB Train de chenille

Pump box, industrial boiler works

CLS Fabrication de pump box

Cyclone installation, industrial Boiler making

CLS Installation cyclone

Installation of a thickener, Industrial boiler works

CLSMontage et installation d un epaississeur et de tours d eau

Civil Engineering

The CANMEC Group offers a comprehensive range of products and services including supply / installation / major repair of mechanical equipment in civil engineering.


The CANMEC GROUP has extensive expertise in products and services in the civil engineering domain.

We depend on a team with experience in large-scale project management to effectively manage all stages of civil engineering projects.

Our engineering and design department use cutting-edge tools as design on 3D software, calculations, finite element analysis, document management and many more.

Our manufacturing plants are equipped to produce the equipment in an optimal result environment. We also rely on a solid structure of engineering production and continuous improvement using LEAN principles for optimal production.

Our installation teams are recognized as the best in the industry. Whether it is for the installation of heavy machinery or turbines, we will meet your needs.

Our quality control staff ensures that the rigorous industry standards are respected throughout all stages of project implementation. Our employees are among the highest qualified in the industry to meet every individual client need.

We are also able to complete repair jobs on existing equipment. We have already completed several projects of this genre.

Completed projects

Below is a list of our team's completed projects over the past few years:

  • Rang Parfouru Bridge in Abitibi

    Client: MTQ
    Equipment: Installation of a structure of steel bridge on the Parfouru row in Abitibi.
  • Turcot interchange reconstruction

    Client: MTQ
    Equipment: Steel bridge structure repair.
  • Maintenance

    Client: MTQ
    Equipment: Maintenance work on the Champlain bridge. Repairs, installations and inspections under the bridge deck.
  • Bridge along Autoroute 30

    Client: MTQ
    Equipment: This project was the largest undertaking over a distance of more than 1.5 kilometers, a first of its kind. The combination of steel with concrete was a major challenge for this colossal project.

Products and services

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