Transfer car, Sarcelle generating station

CI Chariot-de-tranfert

Toshiba boring machine

CI Aleseuse2

Industrial meeting

CLB Reunion Smartborad

Pipe welding

CLB Soudure

Spillway, Rupert diversion

CI evacuateur de crue

210t Overhead crane: Sarcelle generating station

CI Pont roulant de centrale

Spiral staircases, Industrial pipe fitting

CLB Colimacon

Undercarriage; Arcelor Mital

CLB Train de chenille

Pump box, industrial boiler works

CLS Fabrication de pump box

Cyclone installation, industrial Boiler making

CLS Installation cyclone

Installation of a thickener, Industrial boiler works

CLSMontage et installation d un epaississeur et de tours d eau

Aluminum production

The CANMEC Group offers REPAIR, MANUFACTURING, INSTALLATION and MAINTENANCE services to aluminum producers and equipment manufacturers in the aluminum sector. Our expertise in mechanics, machining and welding, including the capabilities of our facilities and equipment, enable us to complete all aluminum production work that is required, regardless of the weight or size:


  • Conducting bars
  • Buss rings
  • Positive risers
  • Flexible devices
  • Anodic frames

Processing equipment

  • Superstructures
  • Collector bins
  • Anodes stems
  • Potshell


  • Construction site welding specialists
  • Mechanical work, pipe fitting
  • Maintenance work

Construction site mechanics

  • General maintenance
  • Installation of various equipment

Industry information

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