Transfer car, Sarcelle generating station

CI Chariot-de-tranfert

Spillway, Rupert diversion

CI Evacuateur-de-crue2

201t Overhead crane: Sarcelle generating station

CI Pont-roulant-de-centrale2

Spiral staircases, Industrial pipe fitting

CLB Colimacon2

Spillway, Rupert diversion

CI Evacuateur-de-crue2

Industrial meeting

CLB Reunion-Smartborad1

Toshiba boring machine

CI Aleseuse2


The CANMEC Group offers a comprehensive range of products and services for supplying the main components of heavy machinery hydroelectric projects.

From hydroelectric mini-power stations, to large-scale dams, CANMEC has the expertise for the DESIGN, the MANUFACTURING/REPAIR and the INSTALLATION of the following equipment:

Hydromechanical equipment

(Intake, draft tube, spillway, regulator et diversion)

  • Flat roller gates
  • Radial gates
  • Trashrack
  • Stoplogs
  • Embedded parts, anchors

Specialized lifting and handling equipment

  • A variety of hoist winches
  • Overhead crane
  • Gantry cranes
  • Transfer cars


  • 3D drawings
  • Finite element analysis


  • Hydroelectric dam construction
  • Steel assembly
  • Structural framework
  • Steel metal welding
  • Accredited teams onsite
  • Assembly methods

CANMEC also offers MANUFACTURING and INSTALLATION services to water turbine manufacturers. CANMEC serves the biggest names in the power turbine industry and produces the following components according to the manufacturer's plans and specifications:

Penstock, manifold and turbine comporents

  • Penstock
  • Draft tube
  • Draft tube cone
  • Spiral case
  • Pre-distributor
  • Casing
  • Interior flask
  • Exterior flask
  • Mobile director
  • Pivotal bracket
  • Exterior brace
  • Stator housing

Industry information

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