Products and Services

Canmec provides A full range of services from the manufacturing and machining of mechanical components to the completion of large-scale turnkey projects involving design, logistics, installation and commissioning.


Design, manufacture, install and maintenance hydromechanical equipment for hydroelectric power plants


Pulp and Paper

Design, manufacture, repair, cover and install rolls for paper machines

Canmec is specialized in the design, manufacture, repair, cover, and installation of paper machine rolls since 1994. It is the leading roll PRODUCTION & MAINTENANCE centre in the Canadian pulp and paper industry.

  • Flexible rolls

    Flexible precision rolls 
    Wire rolls
    Breast rolls
    Forward drive rolls
    Lumpbreaker rollers
    Press felt rolls
    Paper rolls
    Dryer felt rolls
    Reel spools
    Paper  guide rolls
    Low inertia rolls

    Heavy rolls

    Press rolls
    Dryer heads
    Reel drums

    Suction rolls

    Suction rolls
    Including related equipment: hydraulic presses, collection trays, doctor blades, feeders, etc.
  • Scope of reconditioning work

    1. Complete Mechanical and dimensional inspection
    Non-destructive testing (NDT)
    2. Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic particle inspection (MPI), Liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), Radiographic examination (Rx)
    3. Journal Repair– Machining, grinding, brushplating
    4. Head/journal replacement
    5. Component manufacturing – Dryer heads, bearing housings, End covers, labyrinths, shell extension rings, etc.
    6. Polyurethane cover
    7. Rectification and grooving by machining, sanding and/or grinding
    8. Full speed multi-plane balancing (0-8000 PPM)

    Mechanical work on complex rolls

    1. Cleaning of components
    2. Visual and dimensional inspection of all roll components
    3. Inspect of suction box before and after dismantling process
    4. Dimensional and mechanical inspection
    5. Non-destructive testing
    6. Radial run-out verification
    7. Real rotation speed verification on test bed
    8. Engineering design verification
    9. Cover inspection
    10. Measure thickness of shell
    11. Complete reconditioning of all components
    12. Complete diagnostic report

    New replacement parts

  • Non-working rolls

    Unique process used to apply polyurethane roll covers (4th generation)

  • Finite elements calculations

    Patent for Canmec balancing ring

  • 1- ISO 9001 : 2015
    2- Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for Standards :
    CSA W47.1S, Division 1 & CSA W47.2 M, Division 1
    W178.2, welding inspector, level 1, 2 & 3
    3- Certified by the Ministry of Labour, High pressure vessels division :
    ACNOR B-51
    ANSI B-31.1 & ANSI B-31.3
    ASME: Section VIII, Division 1
    5- CGSB (non-destructive test)

Industrial construction

Provide manufacturing, installation, maintenance and project management services to different sectors


Manufacture, install, repair and maintenance structural metal cranes



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