Preventive Measures – COVID 19



CANMEC is committed to ensure the health and safety of the entire population.  To this regard, we are closely following all developments within the COVID-19, and implementing all directives from governmental authorities.

In order to protect the health and safety of all our employees, their families, our suppliers and our customers, several measures have been implemented.  Here are a few examples:

  • All business trips have been cancelled,
  • All our employees returning home from an abroad destination have to remain at their home for a period of 14 days,
  • All our employees experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms have to remain at their home, and follow directives from the Coronavirus Health Info Line,
  • All meetings with external personnel have been canceled unless it involves essential services,
  • All meetings are virtual in order to minimize gathering,
  • Employees are required to disinfect their work station on arrival,
  • Employees are encouraged to have their meals at their workstation or to keep a 2-meter social distance when using dedicated lunch areas. Meal hours have been modified to ensure that dedicated lunch areas are used at less than 50% of their capacities.

While all these preventive measures have been implemented in our facilities, CANMEC continues to make all necessary efforts to properly serve its customers and suppliers, and to satisfy all their needs.

CANMEC recognizes that we are, as a community, going through an unusual situation.  A dedicated team is closely following the evolution of the crisis, and provides timely recommendations in order to protect the population.